The police officers rescued 2 dogs and confirm they are safe…

One night Patrick Hennesy came home from work and his only wish was heating. 

He saw two pit bull dogs playing on his way home. 

Hennesy came closer to watch what had occurred to these dogs. One of them was hurt. It seemed to have been hit by car. 

The two dogs had been damaged and wanted concern and help. The man determined to call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. 

The two police officers came to the scene. The dogs were hurt badly, and their blood spread all over the ground. 

The officers did a lot they could to end the blood, before Orange County Animal Services arrived and took the puppies. 

As a sign of gratitude the dogs licked and hugged the officers. They understand, that they are here to help them. 

The officers also hugged the dogs to warm them up. Although it was very cold, they didn’t leave the puppies in need of help. 

The Animal Service came and took the babies. The two dogs were brave, thanks to the officers.  

The officers visited the puppies and were very pleased to see, that they are happy and playful. 

 And they named the dogs, one is Liberty, and the second is Justice. Now they are the happiest pets at the shelter. 

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