The Family Lost a Young Cat and Then Got Back the Old One: She Had Been Spending 9 Years on the Street

There is a family from Trafford, England which lost their cat named Marley back in 2012 when she fell off the leash during a walk.  Like any loving owners the family members stubbornly searched for their petty but they unfortunately couldn’t find her.

However, 9 years later when no one hoped that Marley was alive and well, she suddenly found herself on the threshold of her home again.  The cat had been living on the street until one day she was taken to an animal care center by a passer-by who often met the cutie near his house.

“The owners couldn’t believe that their catty was found after so many years and they were so delighted when they saw her again.  She spent almost half of her life without her family and during this time no one has ever checked her chip.  It’s scary to even imagine what kind of difficulties she went through over the years ”, –  told Katie Hayes. 

Despite the fact that Marley will turn 20 next month the owners hope that the cat will be with them for quite a long time.  They are happy that their favorite cutie pie has finally returned and they are reunited again.

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