«The Kinder bar kid today!»: This is what the chocolate bar boy looks like as a handsome grown-up man

The famous kid from the chocolate bar showed what he looks like at the age of 26🤩❤

There is probably no one who doesn’t know this popular kid from the famous chocolate bar. Here is J. Bateson towards whose appearance no single girl could stay indifferent. His cute face and charming smile attracted millions in the world.

However surprising it may seem, Josh has recently celebrated his 26th birthday and is now a handsome grown-up man. He became the face of Kinder replacing the iconic advertising figure G. Euringer.

He was only 15 that his mother took him to a casting call and he immediately charmed everyone with his mesmerizing eyes. Gradually, his face became overall-known and everyone easily recognized him.

Currently, around 130 thousand people follow him on social media. Of course, the baby has changed a lot, but still captivates millions of females’ hearts with his angelic beauty and charisma.

Girls still can’t get enough of his mesmerizing beauty and continuously ask him for new photos and videos. What concerns his personality, he is a very intelligent and creative person who will leaves no one indifferent.

Look at him now! Do you think he has changed for the better?

His charming smile stays exactly the same and he keeps delighting the entire world with his nice look.

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