«Hairy legs and feathered skirt»: Keira Knightley went for a walk and horrified fans showing her legs

Her appearance resembled that of ordinary woman more than a celebrity.👀😱

Keira Knightley has recently attracted attention with her unusual and bold appearance.

She has an interesting talent, she quickly changes her appearance. During the day, she is the center of attention, radiating a rebellious, urban vibe, and at night, she wins hearts with her elegance, showing her beautiful figure. She represented Chanel fragrances and the late Karl Lagerfeld used her as his inspiration. Many want to be like her because of her sense of style.

Keira Knightley has a great sense of style, but not all of her outfits are successful. The Hollywood celebrity was recently spotted walking around in a bizarre feathered skirt. She wore black stilettos and a gray sweater.

The feathers on her skirt seemed to be attached to her own legs. She looked more like an ordinary local than a Hollywood star. Fans didn’t like her choice of outfit at all, and it’s understandable.

Almost all the fans wrote their dissatisfaction in the comments. In fact, she had a very strange outfit.

Fans of Keira Knightley think about her appearance. But we can say that there are no big changes. The height of the actress is 170 cm and her weight is barely 50 kilograms.

Her ribs are visible but her breasts are not. Fans are concerned about her well-being. Many say that maybe she will fight anorexia in the future.

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