The sweet cat you will fell in love after learning about his search of love

The family pets were amazed by the affection of the elderly cat

Rexy is a 20 years old cat. He is the best cat friend a family could have. You will adore him after reading his search of love and fulfilment in the ideal family for him.

Rexy was adopted by a new owner.

He must have thought that he and the other residents of the shelter would spend the next years of their lives there, with no possibility to come out.

A family was searching for pets and they knew they wanted a kitten. Their family would be complete with two small children, two dogs and a cat.

But then they met Rexy. And when the family considered to adopt Rexy they wouldn’t know he would become their true love. Rexy was the most adorable cat they had ever seen.

And even their dogs were amazed by Rexy’s surprising affection when the family first brought him home, as they didn’t think an elderly cat could be so friendly from the beginning.

They did and shared everything together.

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