Which animal first appeared in your mind? Find out which kind of person you are  

Knowing your type of personality you will be more confident about yourself

There are a lot of methods finding out people’s characters or facts about them, but practice shows that association method is very useful which was created by Carl Jung. It is like a lie detector and helps people know how to behave themselves in difficult situations

The most important aspect of this method is that you don’t need to think about which animal to choose: it comes to your mind immediately and it is very objective.

Now, look at the picture. What you see first and read below about your personality.


You trust yourself, but you also like to get love and help from your lovely people. When you have dreams you do your best to reach all of them. You confide everyone and don’t disturb them, but some people don’t appreciate your kind actions, so be careful about every decision you make in order not to be in a mess.


You are always in a high position. There are many people around you who are excited by you giving a lot of nice comments, but there are some who envy you. Don’t pay attention to them, but in fact in some cases you are so arrogant, which is very unpleasant. So be as modest as you can and communicate with them in the equal level.


It seems that something disturbs you to go forward. You are not confident about yourself and you sometimes think that everything goes wrong.

Don’t pay attention to the problems connected to work or something else. Each problem has its solution. Trust yourself. Be more hardworking and you will succeed.


There is much love and happiness in your heart. For you everything is nice and pleasant. You are very amiable towards everyone including even the worst people around you. Keep it up.


You often get tired at work and wait for the weekend or a holiday impatiently. You find your interest in reading books or watching lovely movies. It helps you relax, but life is not as simple as you imagine. If you feel that you are tired a lot, have a rest, but don’t forget about your work, without which you never achieve your goal.


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