The parents witnessed the cutest conversation between their baby and the kitten. The sweetest couple ever!

The kid and the catty have their own language which is only available for them.


Due to a secret camera of the kid’s room, the parents found out the most adorable thing: their baby boy named Brody chatted with the pet named Zora. They knew that that couple had a strong connection from the first day of their meeting, but it was unknown that they have their own language and speak together in an incomprehensible way.


When the baby was born the catty welcomed him with great pleasure and considered himself as a protector for the new member.

When they came home from the hospital the catty began to smell the kid’s head and it seemed that he fell in love with him after it.


Here is an amazing video of their dialogue.


Zora is very caring and attentive about their son and he has never shown bad attitude towards his little friend.



It seems that they created their own language that is available only for them. And due to that they can communicate with each other easily.


Zora is very sociable and likes to speak with the family members all time. When the baby begins meowing, he answers him with happiness.



One day when the couple was watching TV, they heard the meow of the catty coming from their son’s bedroom. They understood that Zoya was there.



After checking the camera they found that the catty sat next to the kid and they had a chat as they talked about an important thing. After watching the wonderful scene the parents began to laugh loudly.



When they entered the room their conversation finished, and after that they always close the bedroom’s door in order not to let the pet break into the kid’s room.

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