A sensitive mother deer immediately runs, when she hears an infant baby crying

A TikTok video became very popular on the Internet. 

Hannah Burton’s infant baby was crying one day, and a mother deer came breathless from the forest to help. 

Hanna managed to take that awesome moment on the video and shared it on her TikTok. 

Hanna was trying to chill her baby out on her decking outside her house in Ohio, she saw a breathless deer rushing towards them. 

“She considers you as her baby”-Hanna told her baby about the deer.  

After being shared the video collected millions of views and likes. 

You can watch the video:

@hannaburtonWhen you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside

♬ original sound – Hanna Burton

Hanna joked in her page saying, it’s very funny when you must discard the mother deer, as your baby begins to cry outside. 

Someone wrote: “Though deer are small animals, they are very defensive”. 

“They will do everything to defend rabbits from other animals. They’re compassionate”. 

And the best comment was: “She even wanted to name the baby Tarzan and take care of it as her own”.

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