«Natural gift or entirely plastic surgery?»: fans were confused to see Denise Richards after a long break

Denise Richards has always been the center of attention of her fans. Recently, photos of a Hollywood actress appeared on the Internet, which surprised Internet users. When fans saw her, they did not immediately recognize the famous actress; she was completely unrecognizable.

But apparently she managed to regain her beauty and finally, in 2019, Denise decided to give an honest interview and reveal all her secrets. During the interview, she expressed frustration with constant accusations that she had undergone plastic surgery.

She claims that her appearance is a natural gift, and not the result of plastic surgery. This time she asked to finally put an end to this topic. According to Denise, she had her breasts enlarged only once in her life, but she did not do any other procedures for such beauty.

Recently, Denise has not been very active in her career in the film industry. She doesn’t appear much in public, it’s clear that the actress has aged. According to experts, her flabby body and swollen face are due to the fact that she had many cosmetic procedures and used various drugs that cannot be combined with each other.

But recently the actress pleased her fans. Denise appeared on the red carpet at the International Festival of Series. Her main role was in the TV series «Paper Empire». With her was her husband Aaron Phipers who supported his beloved wife. Fans were delighted to see their favorite actress again.

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