«She hasn’t regained her pre-pregnancy»: what Timberlake’s wife Jessica Biel looks like after marriage

Jessica has already not the same elegant woman😒🙄The way she has completely changed after her marriage to Timberlake surprised all the fans😮🫢

Jessica Biel famous Hollywood star․ She played roles in companies such as «The Texas Chainsaw Massacre» and «The Illusionist». But everything changed after she married the famous Justin Timberlake in 2012 and began to fully think about family life.

Before marriage, Jessica was very active and always appeared in different roles, impressing all her fans. But her life changed when Timberlake asked her out on a date during the Golden Globes party while he was still in a relationship with Cameron Diaz.

They started a family and had sons in 2015 and 2020. It was already clear that after this she would rarely attend the red carpet. She started producing and focused on raising her children.
She played a role in the first season of the crime series «The Sinner», and for this she became very famous․ Then Jessica began working on the series as a producer.

Jessica has completely changed her style and prefers comfortable clothes, like a real young mother. She puts on shoes, a loose top, tight leggings and a cap. Her style has changed but her face remains young․ Fans say that she is probably hiding her body under such clothes because she has not fully recovered her figure.
Jessica decided to keep a low profile and work behind the scenes․ Fans are waiting for her to appear on screen again, where she will surprise everyone.

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