«Seemed that the romance was over»: reasons for bad relationship of Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife upset fans

A little more and they would be divorced!😮🫢Ronaldo’s wife Georgina Rodriguez revealed the news that almost caused a permanent break in their relations🤐😱

When we learned the love story of Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo, the fairy tale of Cinderella immediately came to our mind. Their romance was fabulous despite all the difficulties and problems they faced․

But one day, in a documentary about her life, Georgina revealed her secrets and talked about the stroke of her imprisoned father. She surprised fans by saying that this made her very upset and almost became the reason for her divorce from Ronaldo.

Georgina very rarely communicated with her father because he was in prison․ Father was imprisoned when Georgina was still a child․ Ronaldo had a busy schedule and her overwhelming sadness over the news of her father’s condition almost caused the couple to separate. But luckily they met a few months later and Ronaldo invited her to dinner. This became the reason for the resumption of a wonderful romance․

Georgina that she went through difficult times and finally she achieved what she has․ She already understands and appreciates what she has․ Let us remember you that I saw Cristiano and immediately fell in love when she was working in the store.

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