Billy Ray Cyrus Ties the Knot with Firerose Amidst Fan Reactions Over His Hairstyle

Billy Ray Cyrus, the 62-year-old country music icon, has walked down the aisle with 34-year-old Australian singer Firerose in a heartfelt ceremony, following his split from Tish Cyrus in 2022. This wedding comes after the couple had been through a divorce filing for the third time in their 28-year-long marriage.

The love story between Billy Ray and Firerose took a romantic turn after his separation, leading to their engagement announcement in November 2022. Their paths first crossed over a decade ago during an audition for “Hannah Montana,” where Firerose’s performance caught Billy Ray’s eye, marking the beginning of a significant connection.

Despite Firerose not getting the part on the show, Billy Ray’s early recognition of her talent led to a supportive friendship which eventually evolved into romance post-Billy Ray’s latest divorce. The couple moved in together by August 2022, with an engagement quickly following.

Coincidentally, Tish Cyrus, Billy Ray’s ex-wife, also found love again, marrying actor Dominic Purcell in August 2023. The wedding was attended by Tish’s children from another relationship, Brandi and Trace, whom Billy Ray had adopted during his marriage to Tish. The Cyrus family, including Miley, Braison, and Noah Cyrus, faced scrutiny when Noah and Braison were noticeably absent from their mother’s wedding, choosing to spend the day together elsewhere.

However, as Billy Ray and Firerose unveiled their wedding photos online, it wasn’t the family dynamics but Billy Ray’s hair that caught the eye of some fans. Critiques about his unstyled hair surfaced, with comments pointing out the casual nature of his hairstyle for such a significant event.

Despite the focus on his hair, the wedding of Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose is a celebration of their love and commitment to each other, highlighting the journey they’ve embarked on together against the backdrop of their unique history and shared experiences in the entertainment industry.

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