John Lennon’s Muse, Yoko Ono’s, Rare Footage In A Wheelchair Ignites Passionate Online Discussions Among Fans

John Lennon’s muse captured in rare footage at 90, has set the internet ablaze! 🤯🫣 Spotted in a wheelchair, her timeless aura ignites passionate debates among fans 🔥🫢 Some are amazed by her ageless beauty, while others dive into the legacy she shares with Lennon ❤️‍🔥  Join the conversation and see why this footage has everyone talking in the article below! 👇

John Lennon, the legendary founder of the Beatles, shared an unbreakable bond with his muse for 12 incredible years. Their legendary partnership only ended with Lennon’s tragic death. Lennon often said in interviews that he and Yoko Ono shared one soul.

Recently, journalists captured Yoko Ono, Lennon’s last love, in a wheelchair at the age of 90. Despite the years, many noted she looked virtually unchanged. This exclusive footage sparked online discussions and various reactions.

Some comments focused on her age, referring to her as an “old Japanese woman,” while being amazed at her ageless appearance. Others admired her longevity, calling her a “legendary woman” and wishing for similar blessings.

Not all comments were positive; some criticized her relationship with Lennon and the influence they believed she had on him.

Yet, the dominant reaction was one of awe at Yoko Ono’s remarkable look at 90. Many praised her for looking “amazing” and defying the usual signs of aging.

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