«Her style leaves a lot to be desired»: The scandalous appearance of singer Katy Perry became the subject of heated discussions
Millions accused singer Katy Perry of being tasteless after her «ultra-trendy» outfit One of the best-known and most successful contemporary singers Katy Perry is distinguished by her brightness
«From the 2000s iconic blonde into a plump woman»: The author of the hit «Hurt» has changed beyond recognition
The fans hardly recognized the 2000s’ singer Christina Aguilera in the recent photos There is, perhaps, no single one who will be unfamiliar with this iconic, popular and
«Made a show out of her appearance»: The way Rihanna appeared at her birthday celebration delighted absolutely everyone
Pregnant Rihanna appeared in a sheer dress with a plunging neckline and caused a stir Rihanna is among those show business celebrities who attract millions’ attention and appear
«You are above all for us»: Fashion designer Beckham touchingly congratulated her son’s 18th birthday sharing heartwarming photos
Beckham shared archive photos of her son congratulating him on his 18th birthday Victoria Beckham, a well-known fashion designer and ex-soloist of Spice Girls, and David Beckham, a
«This couple makes us believe in true love»: The news that Lively and Reynolds are waiting for their fourth baby delighted the fans
This is what Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been hiding from everyone The happy news that this admirable and exemplary couple is impatiently waiting for the birth
Nothing left of Chandler from «Friends»: The way actor Perry Matthew from the sitcom «Friends» has changed left everyone speechless
The fans refuse to believe the fatty man in these photos is Chandler from «Friends» However surprising it might seem to many, prominent and successful actor Perry Matthew
«Stop it, please»: Plus-size model Holliday was heavily criticized after she posted a video of her in a revealing scarlet bikini
The fans were left speechless when this plus-size model showed her body in a bikini Shortly after this popular and absolutely unique 36-year-old plus-size model T. Holliday shared
«A plus-size model breaks the stereotypes»: American plus-size model Graham celebrates Valentine’s Day in an attractive pink corset
Model Ashley Graham in a revealing pink corset in the shape of a heart won hearts Among the best-known and most successful plus-size models in the world is
«All her secrets to beauty and youth»: No one could take their eyes off 69-year-old Brinkley’s perfect figure in a bodysuit
Looking at actress Christie Brinkley’s vacation photos, it is hard to believe she is 69 Many are still wondering how gorgeous, overall-recognized and highly respected actress Christie Brinkley
A liger, that became popular after strolling in the town
A friendly and calm wild cat, who had an enormous size The biggest member of the cat family is the mixture of a tiger and a lion named
«No good news»: Because of the terrible disease, legendary actor Bruce Willis had to put an end to his drizzling acting career
Demi Moore honestly spoke about the condition of Bruce Willis who suffers aphasia Charming, successful and well-known actress Demi Moore keeps in touch with her ex-husband, Bruce Willis’s
«What a fabulous actress and unearthly beauty»: 62-year-old Moore’s gorgeous look at the premiere of «Sharper» delighted the fans
The magnificent look of 62-year-old Moore at a premiere deserves special attention Great films that brought Julianne Moore overall-fame and popularity were «As the World Turns» and «Jurassic