After suffering the second stroke, family members don’t leave their dog for even a second

Yet Spike is now struggling to go for a walk or even stroll around the house, he used to be very enthusiastic and extremely active. It goes without saying that each owner desires to see their dog live a joyful and healthy life. Spike is not an exception.

When the owner adopted the dog, Spike instantly got attached to her and her entire family. The dog started to sincerely adore humans, not fear of them and he even got used to sleep in the family’s own bedroom.

As one of the family members recall, on his first day of finding a new home, after the owners closed the stair gate and were about to sleep, the puppy started to jump over that gate and trot up into the parent’s bedroom. Since then, he slept with them side by side.

But misfortunately, the situation is now much harder than before. This is accounted for the fact that recently Strike had his second stroke and is now in great pain. Yet the owners are sure their pet is going to be well soon and completely recover as he is a real survivor and has very gentle as well as strong features. And the family itself does everything possible to help him overcome the disease and start to enjoy the delights of life.

Now climbing up the stairs and all other activities seem to remain in past since the dog hardly even walks. Whereas he was born under a lucky start to have such a caring and warmhearted family that doesn’t leave him alone for a second even at night.

The dog certainly became an indivisible part of the family and they couldn’t even imagine a day without their faithful friend. Dad brings food and water to Spike and is determined to feed him by hand to be sure he takes the necessary medicine to stay strong. The family is blessed to have such an adorable creature in their life and they hope Spike is going to recover very soon.


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