The family was returning from vacation and stopped at a roadside cafe. After dinner, they found a replenishment on the car – a lying cat

Nikolai drove carefully, trying not to overtake even trucks without necessity. According to his calculations the family was supposed to be at home tomorrow morning.

His wife Natalya was sitting in the front  seat, reviewing vacation photos for the hundredth time and deciding which ones to post on Instagram. The people in the back seats were busy with equally important things. Lyoshka, who was supposed to go to the fourth grade in a week connoisseur told his sister Anya about the school with great enthusiasm. Anya was listening with great pleasure, despite the fact that Lyoshka openly hung noodles on her ears.

– And the biologist has a real dinosaur skeleton in the back room! To be honest, I didn’t see it myself, but the senior students told me! – Lyoshka was lying.

Nikolai imagined for a second the size of the back room, where the biologist keeps the Tyrannosaurus, and involuntarily smiled.

– That’s it, father! I need to stretch my legs. And it would be nice to have a snack, – the thoughts expressed the family members’ eyes.

– Oh, I don’t trust these roadside cafes. We’ll also have some problems with our stomachs later, ”Natalya said uncertainly.

But the children were glad: they were also tired of sitting in the car, though with air conditioning and cartoons on the tablet.

A suitable cafe was found ten minutes later. The sign promised delicious homemade meals, and the trucks standing next to it proved that the place was popular with those who regularly drive along the highway. Nikolai slowed down immediately.

Forty minutes later, the family, having had a snack of okroshka and a rather good kebab, returned to the car. As it turned out, someone was already waiting for them there. A young fluffy cat  was lying on the hood, enjoying to the August sun, seemingly sunbathing.

– Hey, this is our car. And in a minute she should already be on the road, – Nikolai tried to explain the situation to the uninvited guest.

The cat, however, had a different opinion: he glanced lazily at the driver, as if assessing his authority, and then rolled over on its other side.

– Can the kitty go home with us? – Anya asked

– Annie, he apparently lives here. He will not want to go anywhere with us, – answered the mother.

The kitty, however, allowed himself to disagree again. As soon as Nikolai opened the door, the cat jumped into the car first, and even settled down in the driver’s seat!

– See, he wants to come with us! – exclaimed Annie. Yes, and Lyosha confidently shook his head.

To sum it up, five of us were already driving home. The cat turned out to be a wonderful passenger: he did not break the peace atmosphere, watched cartoons on the tablet with curiosity, and he lulled the children at night with purring at all. By the end of the trip, no one had any doubts that from the vacation they brought not only souvenirs, but also a new family member.

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