A caring stray puppy went to assist the actor, that he considered not feeling well

A touching act of a puppy trying to assist an actor 

In this touching story a homeless dog immediately appears in the street to assist and encourage an actor, who is acting a man, who isn’t feeling well. In the occasion, that took place in Turkey a performer acted as a person, who was feeling bad.

Just look how the bystanders were amazed by the animal’s acts. The dog considered the man needed help after seeing him laid on the ground.

The actor told, that after getting off the horse the hero wasn’t feeling well and it was planned that he would behave badly. At the beginning he couldn’t understand what occurred, but later he understood that he had arrived just in time.

He carried on and it touched and fascinated him. It appeared as if an angel came to make him feel better. This amazed the actor and all the staff linked with the dog.

The people around began to applause for the puppy’s performance.

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