9 Meet Rexie: The disabled cat who masterfully uses the tongue

Since childhood, a cat named Rexie has a problem with its hind legs – they are partially paralyzed.  Because of this, many actions which are  familiar to cats are not possible for the animal, so the charming kitty chose the mimicry path.

Rexie is in the prime of feline power, he is 3 years old today.  Three years of a difficult life for a disabled creature who does not lose his kind heart, no matter what bad things happened to him.  And yes, he tries to lead an active lifestyle, to the best of his ability.  And we can say that he manages that not so bad.

Rexie’s favorite hobby is to charm people, to impress them.  The cat has become a wonderful actor who knows how and when to attract attention.  Do you think the photographer was catching the moment with his tongue out on purpose?  Nothing of the kind – it was Rexie who posed for him on purpose, taking different poses.

This cat is a living example that life does not end with the appearance of problems in it.  No matter how significant they are.  It is not necessary to succeed in everything or in many things, but it is important to strive not to lower your paws, that is, your hands!

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