“Inseparable for already 22 years”: Brosnan with his dear wife was caught on vacation by the paparazzi

Since their marriage Brosnan’s wife has changed beyond recognition

It is worth mentioning that actor Pierce Brosnan and his beloved legalized their relationship 22 years ago and since then, the praiseworthy man stays loyal to his choice regardless of rumors on the network. Whereas in the course of these years, Keely gained a lot of weight and became utterly unrecognizable.

Thousands of ill-wishers rushed to criticize the woman claiming that she doesn’t deserve to be Brosnan’s wife and encouraging the actor to break up with his plump and unattractive wife.

“They are not suitable for each other”, “It is clear, he has love affairs”, “Such a lovely woman”, “He stays true to his choice”.

“They surely love each other”, “What an exemplary couple”, “Don’t know why, but I like them!”.

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