The Foster Family was very Surprised to See What Kind of Strange Puppies Their New Dog Gave Birth to

You may not be a geneticist, but the rule that kids are like mom and dad – you must know! The rules of inheritance of the phenotype are characteristic for both humans and animals, which makes the story of the Rosie dog seem even more amazing. They say that a pregnant animal who got into a shelter quickly found a new foster family. And she successfully gave birth there … hmm, now people have a lot of questions to their dad.

John and Katie Blake have helped hundreds of dogs over the past 8 years. They cannot keep everyone at home, but they willingly take animals for overexposure and take care of those until permanent owners are found for them. So when a mestizo retriever appeared in the orphanage, who was about to give birth, their candidacy for the role of guardians was ideal.

After some time, the cute creature Rosie safely gave birth to four puppies. Healthy, strong, vociferous and … no one of them does not look like mom. If Rosie is half golden retriever herself and her fur color is appropriate, then the babies looked more like little cows. Black and white spotted doggies and only one of them was slightly brownish. We cannot say that this color is impossible, but how did it happen?

Looking at the expression on Rossi’s face during the first days, it seemed that the dog itself was shocked by such news. So who was the daddy of those spotted creatures, huh? But some time passed and she calmed down and behaved herself as a caring mother, who is more interested in the moisture of the puppies’ noses, and not in their color. The Internet community also did not come to a single conclusion, which mystery of nature gave rise to such an amusing anomaly. The puppies were named Betsy, Daisy, Clarabell and Moo – they will be able to find new owners soon.

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