A Wonderful Story from Omsk: A Feral Rabbit Saved Orphaned Puppies

Sometimes some things occur in the world that completely change our understanding of it. A bright confirmation of this has recently come from the Omsk region, where a very headstrong rabbit has started up in the village of Azovo. A local resident, Margarita, became a witness to two unusual and touching turns in its life.

From  the very beginning of autumn, Margarita noticed a large, impudent rabbit with a white tail not far from her house. There was an identification mark – in the summer, a creature with similar signs escaped from one of the local farmers. The woman thought this way: if during all this time the creature was not caught, but it survived and even began to dig a hole for itself, then I will not give it out.. She sometimes began to throw vegetable scraps at it.

Already at the end of winter, Margarita noticed a large mongrel dog with a light color near the hole and decided that the rabbit was its lunch. But it was not so. It turned out that they somehow “agreed” to divide the hole and began to live together. A couple of weeks later, the dog was found killed, someone shot him with a gun. There  was a dead newborn puppy in its mouth, and three days later Margarita saw something strange: the rabbit brought three puppies out of its hole. They were tiny, still blind and were crying loudly from hunger.

– The rabbit gave them food, but it was watching me all the time. And then he did not let them crawl out of the mink – he ran around them like a madman and pushed them with his nose, did not let the cats approach them. It  licked them. He had such neat puppies. If the rabbit didn,t take care of the cuties they would not have survived. It’s cold here, the temperature dropped to –25 ° С, – added the villager.

The story quickly spread throughout the area through the efforts of Margarita. And it gave its results. Kind  people have already taken two puppies. Now the issue with the third and the rabbit itself is being resolved, the villagers do not want to be separated until the puppy grows up at least a little, but there are no people who want to take both animals yet.

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