The Rescue Dog Suffered from Depression until it Found an Unusual Friend

Friendship can arise between very different creatures.  And even if it does not always look logical, you cannot command your feelings, can you?  A three-year-old shepherd dog with a professional education as a rescuer and therapist named Osiris had no friends until the rat Riff appeared in his life.  What happened next and how they became close friends we can find out in this article.

Of course people are to blame in this story.   Little Riff came to be quite small, still blind and couldn’t eat on its own when he appeared in the Osiris owners’ house.  Looking at baby rat, the big dog involuntarily remembered his childhood – he was also thrown as a baby, left to die in the cold parking lot, where the current owners found him.  Some feelings were the ones that he felt in the childhood, and Osiris realized what he was missing all this time: a faithful friend who experienced a similar problem and who would be able to understand him.  Because both he and little Riff  needed support themselves.

As a therapist-dog, Osiris has been involved in the treatment of both humans and even animals on many occasions.  But these were the patients with whom he met on a schedule and not of his own will, but as a prescription by a doctor.  The dog needed a true soul mate, and although everyone was skeptical at first about this, the small rat and the big dog made best friends and proved the existence of it!

Riff is a decorative rat, he will not grow large and can entirely fit in the mouth of Osiris.  But he will not harm him, even by accident, because the dog is very kind to his friend.  He  protects it from all adversity, as a part of himself.  We need only to look into his eyes and everything becomes clear.  These are friends forever!

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