The Owners Abandoned and Tied the Blind-Deaf Dog on the Top Floor of the House

Sometimes it seems that people are competing with each other, who will be tougher with their pet. For some reasons, some members of the human race try to inflict pain and suffering on animals with which they do not want to live. This is especially true in case of dogs and cats with some kind of ailment. Instead of healing them, they simply leave pets to their fate. To be rude we can also say that these people deserve to have the same fate as the animals.

This chow chow named Max is blind and deaf. His owners entered an unfamiliar entrance and tied him on the top floor to the attic of the door. A bag with things was left next to him.

Fortunately, the inhabitants of the house turned out to be kind humans. They called the voluntary  organization that took the dog. Of course Max was very sad. He  did not even understand where he was and why he was tied here.

They raised money for Max’s operations but the operations didn’t change anything. The dog remained blind and deaf. It is even scary to imagine what it would be like to live in darkness and constant silence.

Who will take such a dog? It seemed that he should spend the rest of his unhappy life in an orphanage. But miracles do happen. A girl named Jane saw a video about Max on the Internet. She took the dog to her.

Max has been living with her for several months. The girl surrounded the dog with love and care. Jane says that she has never regretted it. The dog has finally found a home and a loving owner.

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