The Rescued Raccoon is Definitely Convinced That It Is a Dog

Rosie Kemp lives in the Bahamas, in Nassau. Last year, a woman found a baby raccoon falling from a tree. The baby’s leg was broken, and its mother was not nearby. Then Rosie and her daughter Laura decided to shelter a raccoon girl in order to save it.

The baby was given the nickname Pumpkin. The baby raccoon almost immediately got used to the new house and got acquainted with all the family members. Laura decided to settle Pumpkin in her house and raise it with her husband.

In her new home, little Pumpkin found two dogs, which were also rescued by a caring family. The raccoon quickly made friends with all the animals.

The owner of Pumpkin says that it almost always goes after the dogs and does not leave them for a minute.

The baby, which has already grown and gained a lot of strength, shows curiosity and wants to communicate with her four-legged friends. It reaches out to dogs, plays with them with pleasure and participates in funny activities. But at the same time, Pumpkin knows when to stop and respects its friends.

Laura says that Pumpkin repeats everything after dogs and adopts their habits. Most likely, the raccoon thinks that it is a member of the canine family as well. At the same time, the pumpkin is incredibly smart and, according to the owner, even knows how to demonstrate the emotions it is experiencing.

Caring for a raccoon takes a lot of energy and requires constant work. But the care does its job; the Pumpkin pleases the owner with new achievements, makes everyone smile and expresses the most sincere emotions.

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