The Foxes Allowed to Scratch Their Belly and Became a Cutie! Their Playful Laughter is So Amazing

Who would have known that foxes, like dogs and cats, love to have their belly scratched! But if you don’t have a fox at home you will not know how it will react. It turned out that they are surprisingly talkative! And we are not talking about all the usual sounds they make, but about such a range of sounds that it is difficult to repeat or compare with something!

Thanks to the rescue organization SaveAFox, we can enjoy a video of these glorious animals and try to understand what sounds they really make.

Get ready to listen and guess!

This is how foxes sound when their bellies are scratched.

These two cuties are in a very playful mood!

Just a lively conversation between two friends

Of course, the sounds that the foxes make differ depending on their mood, situation and the environment in which they are.

It seems like they started a shooting!

Even after watching the video, it’s hard to decide on what their voices are like. So the opinions of social network users are also divided;

Sounds like they mimic the clucking of chickens.”

It’s like a baby crying.”

SaveAFox is filming these cute videos as a thank to all those who donate to their organization.

Just listen to its strange sounds!

The shelter takes care of the chanterelles who were rescued from the fur farm, as well as those who were brought in by people as pets, but were subsequently unable to take care of them.

This is the founder of the organization Michaela with its cuties; Esma and Winter.

Michaela is very fond of animals and has been volunteering for a long time. And now she is the founder of the largest non-profit fox rescue organization in the United States!

Michaela and her pet fox named Dixido.

We hope Michaela will continue to fulfill her good mission and delight us with adorable videos of the inhabitants of the SaveAFox shelter.

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