The Guard Covered the Stranger’s Dog With an Umbrella. He Touched Social Network by His Behavior

How much do people need to regain faith in a better future? First of all, we need examples of the right and kind actions.

Today we want to tell you about the act of a security guard who covered someone’s dog with an umbrella, thereby touching lots of people with his behavior.

This happened in Glasgow, where an employee of the security company saw a dog soaking in the rain and made a right decision. The photo was taken by Mel Gracie, who called on the Morrisons security company to reward their employee. The weather was unfavorable and it was impossible to leave the dog to get wet near the supermarket. And so the man helped him as he could.

As the kind man modestly remarked when the grateful comments exceeded a hundred thousand: “It seems that today I made a lot of people happy.” The owners of Freddie sincerely thanked him. This is such a trifle, but cheered up the whole city!

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