The Newlyweds Decided to Arrange a Photo shoot in the Forest, and When They Saw an Old Car on a Tree They Were Quite Scared, but the Truth Turned out to Be Funny

A Reddit user named Folly136 showed what he found while meeting with a wedding photographer.

The excellent mood of the newly married couple was overshadowed, because the finding exceeded all expectations.

Young people decided to have a photo shoot in the nature and went to the forest, which is located far away from the noisy city. While looking for a suitable site for a photo shoot, they saw a rusty car which was on a high tree.

For a long time, a Reddit user couldn’t understand who thought of decorating a tree with an old car.

However, Fooly136 turned out to be so curious that he could reveal the secret. The newlyweds discerned something mystical in the old car, but their guesses turned out to be wrong.

The car was placed on a tree by a doctor who lives on the West American Coast. The car is used as a creative sign that will guide those who want to visit the doctor’s house.

The doctor has 40 years of experience in hospital.  By old age, he decided to change his place of living from an apartment in the city to a house located in an almost abandoned town.

The building looks strange, but the man likes it very much, since his dream came true – he hid from civilization.

He tells his guests that finding his house is easy – just use a unique sign – a tree on which an old truck hangs.

When the man is asked how he managed to hoist the car upstairs, he doesn’t answer, saying that it is a secret. But at the same time, the doctor focuses attention saying that his family helped him to fulfill his plans.

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