A Selection of Photos Proving That Raccoons Are the Cutest Creatures on Earth!

If you see a raccoon in your trash can we are sure it will just piss you off. But as soon as you look into those adorable black eyes which are surrounded by the fluffy fur you will immediately understand that raccoons are just little street pandas that are so cute and attractive that it is simply impossible to be angry with them for a long time.

Raccoons are called the “trash pandas” and this is not just an offensive word. The fact is that these animals belong to the biological group of “Caniformia” which also includes dogs, bears and red pandas. Surely the raccoons don’t look like their distant relatives, but there is no denying that these cuties are just as fluffy and adorable as they are.

Raccoons may seem like possessed creatures in the wild but they are much smarter than we think. After the ethologists researched and studied raccoons during the 1900s they found out that these animals have dazzling memories and have demonstrated the ability to memorize things for up to three years which is basically their average lifespan.

The next time you feel like calling them in an offensive was just keep in mind that they probably remember your face, your house and where you store your trash.

Take a look at these cute animals in the photo selection below.

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