A Friendly Australian Shepherd Made Friends With a Calf

An Australian Shepherd dog Lincoln is very responsible in his duties as an older brother even though the brother is a real calf. When Kelvin was taken to an orphanage in Canada he immediately began to take care of him and since then hasn’t left him.

Probably, the faithful dog felt himself in the role of a protector and he had real reasons for this. Kelvin was rescued from a dairy farm where he was sent to the slaughterhouse from the beginning. But fortunately he was taken from there by animal rights activists.

Some of the dairy farm employees took pity on him and wanted the calf to have a brighter future. When Kelvin was taken to the flowering grass farm he was just in awe of his natural habitat. One of the employees of the shelter shared that the poor animal was deprived of the opportunity to leave his place and run in the meadow.

As soon as the calf was running around he met another resident of the shelter. That was the dog Lincoln. They became close friends and Lincoln took up caring for the calf while he was enjoying the freedom and fresh air . And after playing some time they slept together on the grass.

The dog became a real educator for the calf which was separated from his mother almost from birth and the true friend taught him some basic social skills.

Six months late Kelvin has become quite large, but Lincoln still perceives the weighty bull as his little brother.

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