The Shelter Cat Hugged the Girl Tightly and Refused to Let Him Go

A young couple Andy and his girlfriend Jessica decided to take a cat from a shelter and went there for this purpose in order to do a good deed and give care and love to at least one purr.

When they looked at the animals the cat looked at them from one of the cages with a sad look. He was quite large and the girl wanted to take him in her arms and caress him.

And it was then that the cat hugged the girl so tightly, leaned his muzzle on her shoulder and refused to let her go.

The big cat was brought to the shelter for the reason that he couldn’t communicate with either other pets or with children. Because of the strong hug he was given the nickname Clutch.

Jessica raised a baby at home with whom the cat may have a difficulty in relationship. Besides this they already had one cat at home who demanded love and affection. Clutch’s personality and character wasn’t appropriate for being sheltered.

But the young people didn’t leave the cutie in the shelter and decided to find new owners for him.

Moreover, the cat grabbed the girl so much that he didn’t want to go back to the aviary. Jessica took pictures of the cat and dedicated a separate post to him on the social network. And just in a few days a loving and caring family was found for our cutie Klutch and we hope that he will get along there and will soften his temper a little.

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