The Cat Was Fed Only With Candies for 3 Weeks While Traveling from Ukraine to Israel

Oh my God! The cat secretly got into a truck with sweets and left Ukraine for Israel!

The catty used to live in Odessa. One day it climbed into a cargo container with sweets. Did it really want something sweet?

The journey from Odessa to Israel took three weeks! During this time, no one found the hidden creature. Only when the ship of the forwarding company Star Shine Shipping was unloading the car it was found. Everyone was so surprised!

What has the animal been eating for all three weeks? Then they noticed that the catty has been eating sweets. It happily tasted most of the sweets on the ship. And what about water? Most likely, there was some condensation formed in the container, which became a drink for the cat.

In a word, the pet went through the three-week journey just fine! The drivers say that this happened for the first time in their practice.

How did the cat get into the shipping container? When the forwarders watched the video from the CCTV cameras, they saw that the little creature ran into the car during the loading.

What will happen to the catty next? When the creature arrived in Haifa, it was quarantined. Now the cat has become famous, and many Israelis have already expressed a desire to take it home. However, the future of the animal is still under question, but we hope that this long journey will at least bring lots of happiness to the kitty!

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