The Guy Was Able to Catch an Alligator in the Dumpster!

A few days ago, a video appeared on the social network in which a man catches an alligator in a trash container. In the first day, the video was viewed by more than 5.000.000 people, and Eugene Bozzi became a local hero.

Just in a couple of minutes, a Florida resident managed to lure a huge reptile into a dumpster to prevent it from entering a neighbor’s house.

After the alligator was caught in the dumpster, Eugene took it to a nearby pond on his own and freed the creature.

I took the trash can so that the alligator thought that the mouth of a hippopotamus was moving towards it. It even seemed to me that at some point it was more afraid than me. “

After the video was published, the Internet community was delighted with the young man’s deed. Some people have even compared him to the famous naturalist Steve Irwin.

I just did what I considered was right at that moment. I felt much calmer myself when the reptile was caught and no one was in danger. “

Despite the flood of positive reviews, Eugene Bozzi doesn’t consider himself a hero.

What would you do if you were in the place of the guy?

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