This Japanese Shiba Inu Dog Sells Fried Potatoes and Doesn’t Give Change Because He Works With Paws

A Twitter user from Japan shared photos of a shop selling fried sweet potatoes. This place attracted lots of attention not with its cool design or big discounts but with an unusual seller. There are no people working in the shop but the counter isn’t empty because a Shiba Inu cutie dog works there. It’s hard to walk past this doggy and not buy anything. Netizens were fascinated by the four-legged seller and they eft almost 60 thousand likes which made the hardworking dog very famous.

On the Japanese island of Hokkaido a shop was found in which works a dog of the Shiba Inu breed.

The furry salesman is three years old and his name is Ken-kun.

He makes sure that the customers don’t forget to pay for the goods and pleases everyone with his cute muzzle.

The buyers must take the potatoes from the grill on their own and leave 100 yen ($ 1) in return.

The sign on the counter says that Ken-kun is happy to get a tip and won’t be able to give change because he works with his paws.

Just look at how he professionally he behaves in his workplace.

Of course if someone doesn’t pay for the food Ken-kun won’t pursue him because the cutie relies on the honesty and friendliness of his clients. The owner told that the dog isn’t always in the shop. He has a well-deserved weekend so that he can enjoy his ordinary doggy life eating goodies and walking in the fresh air.

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