The Kind Doggy Returned Home from a Walk with a Baby Koala. The Owners Didn’t Expect Such a Surprise

An Australian Kerry McKinnon shared the incredible story of her golden retriever whose name is Asha.  One morning Carrie’s husband called her to show him something. When she approached she was shocked: their dog was sitting on the porch and a there was also small koala who was sitting next to the doggy. Asha was confused and looked at the family members with a guilty look but he didn’t let the little animal go away. Apparently, the cutie was afraid of the reaction of her masters and didn’t know whether she would be scolded or praised. Kerry was proud for her pet because he saved the baby. Most likely, the little koala got lost at night and wandered around the place in search of his mom but he found Asha. If not for the dog the baby wouldn’t have survived during the cold night.

The Golden Retriever surprised his owners.

He brought a helpless koala cub into the house one morning.

It was very cold outside and the baby needed to warm up. It’s good that Asha was nearby and he saved the poor creature from hypothermia.

The little guest was scared and didn’t want to leave his savior but then he gave up and allowed them to wrap him up in a blanket.

The owners were very proud of their pet and the little koala was taken to a special shelter where the kind professionals will take care of the cutie. When he grows up a little he will be released into the wild where perhaps he will meet his mother.

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