Photo Report from the Nursery-Garden, Where They Use an Incredibly Cute Method of Bringing Rabbits Up

There is happiness, and sometimes it simply fits in the palm of your hand. Wiggles its nose, sniffs, tickles with its touch – Blue Clover Rabbitry has developed a method for raising perfectly domesticated, tame rabbits. We would like to visit them and see these cuties in reality but we will have to limit ourselves only with a virtual excursion.

The organizers of Blue Clover Rabbitry pride themselves on having the highest human trust in the United States. And all because from the very first days of life they fall into human hands, in the most literal sense. This cannot be done anywhere else, because wild rabbits will simply abandon the offspring, smelling the smell of a person, and many domestic breeds negatively perceive contact with newborn, helpless cubs. But these rabbits are completely different, whole generations have grown up here in the hands of people, this is their natural environment.

To be honest they are not too cute as newborns, there is really no wool, the proportions of the body are not so hot, their eyes are closed, they are shivering from cold and hunger, but they have some real cute features by nature. So raising rabbits in your hands is still more work than fun. But then, when they grow up a little, it turns into the best type of employment in the world!  Just judge for yourself:

The main point of holding baby rabbits in hands is the main aspect of the approach. And that is to create a comfortable environment for them from the very first days of perception of the world. At first, the animal feels the warmth of the palms, their smell, gentle touches, and when the eyes open, it sees the hands and perceives them as the best place in the world. His “house”, where the little rabbit is sincerely calm, which naturally provokes a myriad of ​​affection in the new owners.

Any pet lovers here ?  Are they actually so cute ?

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