This Unusual Foal is the Love Child of a Zebra and a Donkey and His Color is Truly Unique

Very unexpected events often occur in the animal world. For example a completely unique baby was born on one of the farms in Great Britain. His mother is a 6-year-old zebra whose name is Ziggy and his father is a real 4-year-old donkey named Reg!

The owner of the animals Christina Turner was extremely surprised by this event. The fact is that the zebra has always been a little overweight so the gift presented by the hoofed mother was a real surprise. The kid in funny striped leggings was named Zippy. It should be noted that there are only two such foals in the country. However, they were imported from other countries while Zippy was born in Britain. These foals even have a special name – zonos or zebroids.

One morning Christina Turner looked out of the window and found herself staring at a foal that hadn’t been on her farm before.

It turned out that this baby is the child of her zebra Ziggy and the donkey Reg.

The farmer tried to cross the animals before but it didn’t end with success.

Christina overlooked Ziggy’s pregnancy only because the zebra was always a little fatty.

Thanks to a coincidence a charming baby Zippie was born.

Just take a look at this cutie.

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