Due to a congenital ailment, the puppy has to eat only on a special chair

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It was Saturday, the 17th of September of 2016. The owners of the Labrador Tink, short for Tinker Vol, remembered the date very well. The charming little creature “stole their hearts” from the first minutes, but all the attempts to feed the puppy were in vain. The veterinarian revealed a terrible and cruel truth to them – this dog will never be able to eat on its own.

Tink only looks healthy, and he is healthy, in general, there was just one problem. When the puppy was fed, he ate greedily, but then regurgitated almost undigested food back. And he himself lost weight in the eyes. After numerous tests and examinations, the veterinarians passed a verdict: he had a congenital problem with the esophagus. The dog is too big and has too weak muscles to push food. The swallowed food simply does not reach the stomach. What’s in the mouth is gone.

In the wild, Tink would have been doomed, but smart people have come up with a Bailey chair for such occasions. A special device that holds the eater in an upright position, which allows food to fall through to the stomach under the influence of gravity. Sounds clever, but in practice everything is simple – and the owners undertook to teach Tink to eat in a new way, fortunately, he is a smart dog and learns quickly.

Spooning your dog all your life sounds quite controversial. However, in fact, there is nothing extraordinary in this. And since Tink has become a full member of the family, then taking care of him is not a burden. Really, really!

More info: Instagram

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