This Horse Ran away from Her Owner and the Bike Driver Had to Catch up With Her. The Video of This Dashing Chase Can Be Shown on the Big Screen for Sure!

There appeared a video of an incredibly spectacular chase involving a horse and a scooter driver on the network recently. The horse ran away from her owner and she apparently decided to start a new life hiding in another country. But there was a biker who put the cute horse’s mistress in the back seat of his bike and began to chase the naughty animal and he even managed to capture the whole action on the car registrar. This extremely interesting story took place in the Netherlands and the street on which these no rule races took place was fortunately empty.

A scooter driver helps a woman recover her runaway horse. And this such a very cool sight!

And in the end they caught up with the naughty creature. Hopefully, her re-run is not left behind the scenes and not every day we can come across such a glorious scooter driver!

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