«Restores our belief in humanity!»: The praiseworthy act of this generous dentist lets no one remain indifferent

This bighearted dentist cures poor people’s teeth for free and changes their lives 🤗🥰

This kind-hearted dentist periodically travels the world to offer free dental treatment and care to those who, unfortunately, don’t have the opportunity and financial support.

Here is Rossi whose has goal is to restore people’s faith in humanity, to give beautiful smiles to the poor and change their lives at the roots.

Those people didn’t have an opportunity to cure their teeth. Some of them were missing and the others obviously needed some treatment. The dentist does teeth replacements and it can sometimes take months to cure one patient’s teeth.

This organization is available in Brazil, Kenya and Mozambique where poverty clearly prevails. To carry out their mission, the team regularly carries more than 2 tons of equipment.

After the treatment, these people could hardly believe their eyes when looking at themselves in the mirror.


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