The Affectionate Catty Decided That He Should Be Raised By a Dog …

A single kitten is extremely happy because she appeared in a large family where they take care of her.

In early September a kind man from Ontario (Canada) noticed a four-day-old female kitten alone on the street . Neither the mother-cat, nor other kittens were noticed nearby so the caring person turned to local animal rights activists.

The desperate kitten needed warmth, food and 24/7 care. When Karlie and Caitlin the sisters and the co-founders of Salty Animal Rescue learned about this cutie’s sad story and they welcomed the cutie very warmly.

The catty named Martha was immediately taken on overexposure while continuing to search for the mother cat and other kittens.

Martha was syringe-fed every couple of hours during the day until she switched to solid food.  Very soon everyone who saw the beauty fell in love with her.

The rescuers hoped to take Martha to the family of a nursing cat when the baby was healthy but Martha had her own plans.

This girl is the funniest baby ever. She rarely complains and loves to play and she finally learned how to eat on her own.”

When the nursing cat Flay met the baby she immediately began to take care of her in a motherly way.

She jumped on the floor with a clear desire to feed the kitten. Surprisingly enough she was more than happy to obtain another child,” the rescuers tell.

Marty examined everyone around and then sat down next to Dad and asked him to take him back upstairs. She really didn’t want to have anything to do with Flea or the other kittens. “

The guardians didn’t lose hope that Marty would change his mind, so they decided to take her to visit the Flay family.

Marty’s squeaky meow caught the attention of the house dog named Nick who is a big kitten lover.  She came to say hello to the lonely cutie and then everything made sense.

We think the main reason Marty wasn’t so happy to meet Flay and her kittens is that she’s already chosen a foster family!”

The fluffy baby immediately accepted Nick the doggy and he was happy himself to have a kitten to take care of.

She immediately became attached to Nick. It seems that little Marty prefers that she was raised by the creatures of other breed,” added the rescuers.

We can’t have anything against it because these cuties form the sweetest family in the world and Marty is happier than ever.”

“We will continue to let them spend more and more time together.”

What Marty the cutie loves is hanging out with her adoptive Dad and keeping Nick toned.

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