This Turtle Never Got along With Other Animals So His Owner Got Scared When One of Her Puppies Suddenly Disappeared and She Had No Idea Where She Would Find Him

It would seem, who could be more harmless and calmer than a turtle? But in fact, it turns out that other animals do not really like these large slow creatures. But the incident that happened in California will prove that there is always someone who can see a good heart even under a thick shell.

Such a turtle named Goliath is kept by Andrea from the American city of Corona. Andrea is a foster mother for a charity that helps stray animals. The woman takes them for overexposure and takes care of them until the owners are found.

Unlike the rest of the animals that Andrea takes for overexposure, Goliath lives here on a permanent basis.

But pets, guarded by a kind woman, do not particularly like Goliath. And no wonder: this is a huge spurred turtle, which weighs about 37 kg, so the animals are afraid and avoid it.

Andrea once took four puppies home to care for them.

At some point, Andrea noticed that one of the puppies had disappeared. The woman was seized with panic, and she rushed in search of a pet.

And what was her amazement when she found the baby in Goliath’s pen!

It turned out that the rest of the puppies are not afraid of the turtle.

Moreover, they became friends! Small dogs everywhere follow their older companion

Ride on the shell

Sleep with him

And even try to eat

This friendship seems to make Goliath happier.

See for yourself!

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