A Brave Cat Decided to Find His Luck and Went Straight to the Balcony of a Woman

Mary has always been sure of this! She knew for sure that if she had a very strong desire for something that would come true. Maybe it will happen even at the most unexpected moment …

And Mary really wanted a cat for a very long time. The fact is that not a very pleasant story happened to the girl – she accidentally twisted her leg.

The doctors said that everything was well but Mary had to wear a bandage with a special healing ointment. And the leg often ached which sometimes annoyed the girl.

Oh, if I had a kitty she would come, lay down next to me and she would warm my aching leg … Then no ointments would be needed – a purring “doctor” would help me to cope with the pains! ” – the girl thought.

It was then that the most unexpected thing happened! Mary found a cat in her balcony who appeared there himself.

Once Mary decided to go out to the balcony in the evening in order to get some fresh air. Imagine the girl’s surprise when she realized that she had a companion because someone was sitting on the balcony!

It was a small, flea kitten who just opened his eyes and didn’t even really learn to blink. Where do you think it came from?

It turns out that an indifferent pensioner feeds homeless kitties in the courtyard of the house where Mary lives. But the grandmother needed to go abroad so the pets began to look for other “tasty” places. One cat began to visit Mary on the balcony. Most likely, it was she who brought her kitten to the girl.

Of course, Mary was delighted with such a “present”! But her mother didn’t share her daughter’s enthusiasm saying that she didn’t really like cats. However, the fluffy cutie stayed with Mary and she believes that only with the appearance of a furry friend it becomes cozy in the house.

The cat was taken to the veterinarian, who prescribed all the necessary medications that were needed to heal the baby.

Quite a little time passed and the cutie grew up into a gorgeous cat named Jessie.

Mary says that the cutie is such a naughty creature but she simply cannot be angry with him because she loves him very much.

By the way, Jessie’s taste preferences are very unusual! If you have a marshmallow, a piece of chocolate or a pinch of ground coffee the catty will always be happy to meet you.

Here is such a “balcony surprise”! But the main thing in this story is that everyone is very contented and happy.

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