The girl thought, that her cat was lost until she got a job in a shelter three years later-and saw a familiar face there

Accident or fate returned the cat to the girl, which was lost three years ago. Hannah Rowntree was worried about the disappearance of a pet named Spanky for a long time and cried out all her eyes. In December 2019, the girl got a job at an animal shelter, where on the second day she saw a familiar face, that seemed to her like Spanky. It turned out, that it was Spanky-the cat recognised the owner, who immediately took the puppy home.

The girl got a job by helping there and found her lost cat there

Spanky is Hannah’s first pet, and she was very attached to her

When three years ago the cat disappeared, the girl cried a lot. Hannah’s family searched for Spanky for several months and made a variety of assumptions about his fate:

Maybe it died or someone took it?

After three years after Spanky’s disappearance Hannah got a job in the shelter

In December 2019, Hannah became a volunteer at the Saving Grace Pet Adoption Centre.

On the second day, Hannah noticed, that one of the cats was very similar to her missing pet

It turned out, that the cat from the shelter is the very same Spanky!

The kitten was picked up near the road in September 2019 and sent to the shelter, from where it was taken by one couple. But a few weeks later, the cat was returned back, because he refused to catch mice.

According to Hannah, reuniting with her pet is a real miracle

Spanky was chipped, so that he doesn’t disappear like that again

And in response to questions about where he was all these years, Spanky only purrs mysteriously. Maybe it will remain a kitten secret.

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