The tiger trampled a circle out of boredom, when the employees found out what this meant they were shocked

This story is about a tiger, who became so sad that psychologists came to his aid. Most recently a video appeared on the social network in which a tiger in a zoo enclosure circles in a small space. This went on for so long, that his paws stamped an impressive path.

The audience had numerous questions about the fate of the unfortunate animal, as his behaviour really became alarming. The scene is the Beijing Zoo, where they assure, that the situation was already under control. According to zoo workers, the animal just felt sad.

The tiger was moved to a more spacious aviary, they gave him toys and diversified the menu and also provided physiological support, no matter how strange it may sound. At the moment, there is no cause for concern, although the sight of the trodden circle is impressive.

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