This blue-tufted bird has proven, that pigeons can compete in beauty even with peacocks

We have all known for a long time, that nature is the best artist, talented architect and consummate sculptor. She skilfully combines completely different things, creating something new and beautiful. One of these masterpieces is the fan-bearing crowned pigeon. Its back is adorned with a noble blue plumage, and its breast and lower body are coloured brown. The most striking accent of the crowned pigeon, as the name implies, is on the head. Its fluffy crest with triangular feathers looks like a real crown. We invite you to take a look at this handsome man!

A crowned pigeon chick hatched at Virginia Zoo this spring

The chick is still small, but is already incredibly beautiful

Every day he becomes even more attractive

And soon he will grow into such a handsome man

This species is distinguished not only by its beauty, but also by its large size

The language doesn’t dare to call this handsome man an ordinary dove

Males and females of this species look almost the same

They choose partners once and for life

In the wildlife, crowned pigeons can be seen in the forests of New Guinea. Unfortunately, these birds are very rare and are listed in the Red Book. Employees pf Zoos around the world don’t allow crowned pigeons to disappear from the face of the earth and give ordinary people the opportunity to admire this miracle of nature.

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