The adorable meeting of an owner with her beloved lost pet

The heartbreaking scene. All the people watching were moved

A woman named Maddie McWilliam was stopped by another automobile while driving in her car with her pet Fiji. The enormous Irish wolfhound was lost, but everything was okay in the end.

Maddie and her friends soon started to look for the dog, but they were unsuccessful and the dog was never found.

And after her public announcements even her neighbours and also strangers started searching for him.

Although the woman understood she had lost her beloved pet forever, she still had a little hope in her heart. After four days, the phone rang.

Strangers told, that they had found Fiji. They had found her in the middle of the night, but the most touching scene was waiting for her in the morning.

It was amazing to see Maddie returning with her lovely puppy in the morning. All the people were touched and even the woman, who was filled with emotions.

And we’re happy, that the story had a happy ending.

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