New Year’s fireworks were thundering rushed under the wheels of the car from fear. The driver smashed the bumper to avoid hitting the pet

Olga Bagdanova has had a wonderful dog named Kasper for several years. The girl and her husband didn’t even think about getting a second pet, but fate decreed otherwise. Just before the New Year, another dog appeared in the family… The couple thinks, that the pet has become a gift for the holiday!

On December 31, Olya’s husband went about his business by car. And then the man, right under the wheels, rushed out of nowhere from where the dog came from. Oli’s husband dodged as best as he could so as not to knock the animal down. As a result, he smashed the bumper on the curb, but didn’t hit the dog. 

As soon as the man got out of the car to assess the damage to the car, the pet instantly jumped into the salon through the open door and refused to leave, shaking with fear. The man didn’t want to drive the animal back onto the street, but instead took him home, thinking about what he would say to his wife along the way.  

Seeing her smiling husband entering the house with the dog, Olga involuntarily smiled too. The husband told her about what had happened and introduced his wife to the animal, and then said: “This will be my personal dog!” Olya didn’t even argue, deciding, that so be it. Let it be one more tail!  

It is clear, that with the advent of a new pet, the pre-holiday plans have changed dramatically, because a ten-month-old animal needed a lot of attention and care.  

Now there are two pets happily living in the family! The older dog, Casper had a friend who was given the nickname Tim. The pets quickly found a common language, becoming best friends. Olya and her husband never regretted their decision and they love their dogs very much.  

How did you meet your pet? Maybe you also met him on New Year’s Eve? Tell your story!

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