Dr. Aibolit from California treats homeless people’s animals for free

A very kind doctor, who cares for homeless animals for free

Stuart Kwain from the USA is known for treating people who are on the street, as well as their pets, absolutely free of charge.

A noble man always carries a medical bag with him, in which he keeps special tools and medicines necessary for the treatment of those in need.

Stewart spares no expense or effort to save the animals, even if they need expensive treatment. To pay for all the expenses, he signed up for a site called GoFundMe, where people from all over the world help each other raise money for a variety of purposes.

So, for example, the doctor said that for vaccination, elimination of ear infections or getting rid of fleas, on average, about $ 100 is required, and for severe diseases, the amount can exceed $ 1,500.

This is exactly the situation that happened with a dog named Dinker. The dog was diagnosed with a rare disease, the treatment of which requires an expensive operation. The owner of the animal, the homeless Walter, does not have such financial resources, so Stuart does everything to raise the necessary amount for them.

As Stewart admitted, in his life there are often stories of hope, struggle and love.

Not so long ago, Dr. Kwain published a post on his page on the social network and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all those kind people who donate money to save homeless animals. At the moment, Stewart dreams of other veterinarians joining his work to help even more defenseless animals.

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