To save homeless animals from cold and frost, these people have come up with something amazing!

In winter even in warm Turkey it is very cold. Ans also there are many homeless cats and dogs, that aren’t used to cold weather and find  it difficult to survive law temperatures. 

 Fortunately, there are many amazing people with big and kind hearts, who figured out how to help freezing animals. 

In one of the large shopping centres in Istanbul, they decided not to close the doors at  night so that street animals could go there and warm up.  

Many shopkeepers even put cardboard boxes under their windows to make the animals more comfortable.  

And the Ponty store, for example, decided to let the dogs go inside, which they happily took advantage of: 

Selçuk Bayal, who owns a café and pet shop located in the mall, has even sheltered 12 street cats in its establishment. Not all clients approved of this idea, but the man’s big and kind heart firmly decided, that it was a great idea!  

The deed of this mall in Istanbul and the shopkeepers should be a great example for the rest of the humanity. Winter is a very difficult time of the year for all stray animals and they need our help! 

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