Traveling With a Furry Creature: How to Train Your Cat to the Carrying 

Cats don’t like change and discomfort in their feline life, so everything that is somehow connected with this usually makes capricious creatures angry or frightened.  This includes the carryings because they are uncomfortable, make strange sounds and they have an unfamiliar smell.  So it’s no wonder that cats hate them.

However, whatever the attitude of the tailed creatures to special bags is like they are necessary for everyone who plans a trip with their furry petties.  Therefore, sooner or later the owner of the furry cuties will have to accustom the cat to a carrier and in order to make this process easier and more relaxed try to follow a few simple tips.

Make Your Carrier Cozy!

To keep your cat calm while sitting inside the carrier you should make it snug and comfortable.  Place your pet’s favorite blanket in there as well as a small toy.  If you are going to transport your cat for the first time then you should also put an absorbent diaper inside the carrier just in case.

Encourage Your Cat!

Reward your cat with her favorite treat every time she walks inside the carrier so that this process is associated with something positive and enjoyable for the cutie.  You can also play with your cat in the carrier to help her relax and distract herself from the inconvenience that she may feel at that time.

Don’t Hurry!

Carrying training can be rather slow, so please be patient and give your pet time to get used to the unfamiliar and strange thing.  As soon as the cat is sitting quietly in the carrier you should start closing the car door and if the closed door doesn’t cause a negative reaction in the animal try to lift the carrier and walk with it and the cat inside the house for a while, then go outside or just ake a ride in the car.  If the cat will react to all this very calmly be sure to reward her with a pleasant treat.

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